Tuesday, March 31, 2009

newborn a.j.

Newborn sessions are always interesting. You never know what you are going to get. Will the baby be sleepy? awake? happy? cranky? It is amazing how a session can turn out so well even if the newborn is crying non-stop! It's dificult for the parent to believe when the leave the studio that we were able to accomplish anything, but usually they are very pleasantly surprised when they see the outcome.

This session was no exception. A.J. was quiet sometimes, crying sometimes, peeing(lol) sometimes, and luckily after it was all said and done we had tons of great shots!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

rainy day romance

Jaylee is giggling and grinning.
Chris is looking a little bit shy and embarrassed.
It might have been because both moms were watching and periodically yelling out off the wall, hilarious comments in an attempt to get Chris to show some teeth! (I can't even repeat some of the things these ladies were saying..lol!)
It was fun, and it must have worked because we got some great shots.
Jaylee and Chris are just getting settled in Texas, and I look forward to seeing them again on their wedding day, here in Illinois.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

france: september 2008

I have had a lot of inquiries about my travels in France this past fall. The blog is a perfect way to share a few of the images from that trip. It was a wonderful experience, but WAY too short! France is a small country, but there is something to see in every village, and a village every few miles! Six weeks was just enough to scratch the surface, it was a dream. The people I met along the way were all increadibly sweet and always trying to speak English to make me feel welcome. They were also very cool about putting up with my attempts to speak French! I hope to go back with in the next 6 months, and spend some time in Italy and/or Spain.

new site launch

The cold weather brought a good time to re-organize, re-think, and re-vamp things around the studio. The web-site was definately no exception! I am really excited to have launched the new and (much) improved Elizabeth Somes Images website this last week. My intention is to have a site that offers a better showcase of my work, a blog for more interaction, and private galleries that are equipped for efficient viewing and ordering.

You are welcome to subscribe to the blog to keep tabs on what is happening with the studio. For example we have plans to begin a seasonal newsletter, we are also starting a themed 'mini-session' day once every 3-4 months(primarily for baby/children, but possibly a boudoir mini-session near valentines day), and have a few new ideas that we are looking for volunteers to try (ie: trash the wedding/prom dress session), and much more.
Hope you enjoy the new features!

Elizabeth :)